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Christian Arts Ministries

Joy Drama 

Joy Drama seeks to share the Gospel of Jesus through plays, skits and dramatic readings.  - Min. Robin, Director 


Simcha, our liturgical dance ministry, has  three groups:  Simcha for adults, G.E.M.S. Simcha for teens and Seeds of Simcha for children.  - Sis. Destinee, Ministry Leaderr


ReJOYce is an ensemble that ministers at the beginning go each worship.  It purpose is the "set the atmosphere." - 

Tabernacle Choir

The Tabernacle choir ministers selections during worship which are intended to prepare hearts to recieved the Word of God. - Sis. LaTasha, Minsitry Leader

Joy Ready Writers

Joy Ready Writers is our spoken word ministry.  In this ministry the art of spoken word is developed as a tool of Christian witness.  - Sis. Brenda, Ministry Leader

Unspeakable Joy

Unspeakable Joy is our mime ministry.  It's purpose, as with other Arts ministries, is to create an atmoshere of worship in the house. - Bro. Michael, Ministry Leader

Male Chorus

The Joy Tabernacle Male Chorus is a group of men who love the Lord and enjoy singing the Lord's praises.  They truly make a joyful noise! - Bro. Ron, Coordinator

Cafe Joy: An Urban Suite

Cafe Joy is a free Christian entertainment venue featuring performances by up-and-coming Christian artist.  Donation are requested if you want the brunch.

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