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Ministries for Children and Youth

Bundles of Joy

Bundles of Joy, ages 0 - 2, is our ministry for our youngest members.  By seeking to meet the needs of their parents, we suuport our babies. - Sis. Jomel Stimpson, Ministry Leaader

Macedonian Project

The Macedonian Project ministries to the needs of teen boys, ages 13-18, teaching life skills and Christian principles. - Bro. D'Marquis, Ministry Leader 

Seeds of Joy    Children's Church

Here our youth, ages 3 - 12 learn the stories of the Bible along with art activites to reinforce the learning. - Sis. Yulise, Coordinator

Hyacinth Experience

The Hyacinth Experience is our ministry for teen girls, ages 13-18.  This minitry teaching life skills and application of Christian priciples.  Sis. Lynn, Coordinator

Christian Arts

Through our Christian Arts ministries, our youth and children can express themselves through drama, music, and dance.  See adults ministries for details.

Joy Institute - Teens

Sunday morning Discipleship classes for youth ages, 13-18.  Min. Meischelle, Lead Instructor



Joy Institute - Youth

Sunday morning Discipleship classes for children ages 2-12.  



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