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Discipleship Ministries for Adults

Covenant Joy

Covenant Joy is our ministry to married and engaged couples.  Pastor Mike and First Lady Yulise, Ministry Leaders

Young Adult Ministry

Our young adult ministries for ages 22-40.  It's purpose is  to meet the needs of our young adults.  Sis. Anje is Ministry Leader 

Culinary Crew

The Culinary Crew not only prepares and serves meals for Joy events, it plans to provides instruction and development in the culinary arts. - Sis. Audrea, Coordinator

"Mighty" Men of Joy

Through Men of Joy, the Biblical concepts of a man's roles in the life of their homes, communities and church are explored. - Pastor Mike, Instructor

Daughters of Lydia

Daughters of Lydia provides support, fellow-ship and community service opportunities for women 40 years and older.  - Sis. Lynn, Coordinator

Women of Joy

Women of Joy is designed to provide women with a sense of her purpose in life and her role in the Kingdom. - First Lady Yulise, Instructor

Hospitality and Special Events

Hospitality and Special Events serves as the planners for  Church-wide events.  - Sis Susan, Coordinator

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